Dozen Paper Roses for 2 Tons of Garden Sand Off of Craigslist

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Thanks Dien,

This past summer I answered a CraigsList ad about Free Sand.

A young lady had ordered TEN TONS of Clean, Pure, Sand. The perfect
kind you order to put btwn sidewalk paving stones.

“8 tons of Sand in my Front Yard
Come Get it.”

How is this BARTER you ask?


On day 1 – I showed up with a shovel and 20 – Five Gallon Buckets in my
pickup truck.

Jane showed me her Garden beside the house
with her 5 year old daughter -Lucy- dancing around us – in a Pink Leotard.

So I went into my glove compartment.

Made a Paper Rose for her. And Asked PERMISSION to make a Yellow, Pink,
Red and Purple Paper Rose for Her Daughter – Lucy.

Soon Lucy was out with me Ankle Deep in the sand pile
“HELPING” me shovel sand with her Pink Plastic Shovel and Hot Pink

That little girl Talked Non-stop
for an Hour.

I told Mother – Jane – And Daughter Lucy, “I’ll be Back tomorrow.”

Jane said, “Ok, I won’t call the neighbors or any of my gardening friends
until you get all the sand you want.”

Day #2 – I Stuck a 2 Inch wide Star on Lucy – for “helping me.” And suddenly
a 6 yr old neighbor girl showed up too. I made each of them a Paper Rose.

Day #3 – I made two trips. (Now I had 3 Little Kids “helping me”
shovel sand.)

20 buckets – 5 gallons each wet sand. (A gallon of water weighs 8 lbs.)


20 buckets X 4 Trips = 80 Buckets of sand

40 lbs per bucket

80 Times 40lbs = 3200 pounds of sand

And All Because I BARTERED A Dozen Paper Roses
And Gold Stars I Made – right there in front of the Mom and Daughter.

Jane would have called her neighbors
and friends and all the sand would have been Gone
over the 3 days of my Sand Collecting.

I put sand in 5 Of my Raised Bed Gardens
and am Raising WaterMelons and Cantalopes as I Write this.

NEVER could grow watermelons – Until NOW –
Too much clay.

Not anymore.

I’ve got watermelons bigger than my head Growing.


P.S. – Oh yeah – Tell My Magician friend at
that Glenn Osborn sent you. Might help me Barter for some
more Napkin Rose Colors.