Dave’s JunkYard Barter Story

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Dave’s JunkYard Barter Story –

When I owned a junkyard I would get a steady stream of junk cars from some of the best sources.

Places like auto repair shops, stock car racers, shade tree mechanics and even other junkyards.

The trick was to let them have any parts they wanted for free.

They were stunned that I would do that for them.

Most junkyard owners give away NOTHING, not to mention their hostile attitude.

My customers put a huge value on the free parts but I would usually end up selling most of that stuff as scrap for a few cents a pound anyway, so not much out of pocket for me to give it away.

The result?

The input from this alone was easily a third to a half of my incoming material and a major source of word of mouth referrals to other prime supply sources.

I figure the gifting of Free parts to those who sent me their cars was worth 15K in profit a year.

Go ahead and use that any way you want.
Same deal as usual, use my name or not, whatever suits you.