Craigslist and How to Sell a Car

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Thank You Wendell.

This guy on Craigs List did WAY too much work on his ad.


He got the Psychology RIGHT.

I – The Truth

II – Lots of Details

III – TOLD the Reason Why you can get a GOOD DEAL.


We actually helped a guy in Las Vegas S-ELL his old car – that no longer ran.

Right out of his driveway.

A couple dozen guys showed up.

We TOLD the TRUTH about repairs needed in our CraigsList ad.

A – Explained the car wouldn’t start.


B – If You Know a bit about Cars and Want a Project that
you can Get Rolling without too much work.  Come LOOK.    Ph#

Heh heh

Sold the thing in 2 days.

(The man was Planning to P-ay a JunkYard to come get it.  Instead he made a couple GRAND.)

Here is the Craigs List Ad that Wendell from The FBI – sent me today…

This clown must have worked for a MONTH
to do all this stuff!