Cookie Barter

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– Sent in from Jenny

Beginning of Experiment

1.  Went to store and bought a handful of $1.00 lottery scratch off tickets that had the potential to win
$21,000 (this was the largest jackpot scratch off ticket they had).

2.  Then when I purchased my morning coffee at work (which I do most days), gave the cafeteria worker / cashier the $1.00 ticket.

3.  She then slipped me a cookie.

4.  She has been slipping me cookies EVERYDAY for 10 days straight now.

 She even apologizes when she hands me something other than my favourite ones (the chocolate Macadamian nut cookies) and says, :sorry, but we are all out of those ones right now, here is a chocolate chip one”.

Glenn, these cookies cost $2.50 each so that equals to $24.00 in savings for me (because I gave her that $1.00 lottery ticket.  Oh, ya baby)!

Oh by the way,  I also have declined on several occasions, but she still insists though.
Glenn, I can’t eat cookies everyday on a regular basis, so I give them away.

And guess where that has gone to?

Yup, free chocolate bars and other treats from folks that I’ve given a free cookie to.
This is getting insane.  I’m going to get “FAT”.

She even slips me cookies even when I don’t purchase anything.  When I see her on break, as I am passing by her, I stop to talk to her and ask her how her day is going.  I tell her that she looks tired and to enjoy her break.  She appreciates it as she is exhausted, but has no one tell this to.

She’s a tiny little Asian lady (she’s a brilliant scientist from where she came from — Vietnam), but always has a smile on her face.  She thanks you 5 times (not just me, but everybody, but the only one who gets free food), just for buying a bloody coffee.

She is sweet.

However, she is also known as the Food Natzi.  She doesn’t give free food away to ANYONE, ANYTIME.  I have asked people if they have ever received anything FREE from her, and they’ve all said, “are you kidding me, Jean”?  Of course not.

You see, Ms J is strict.  She makes sure everyone pays for their food, even if the Cook tries to slip people something.  She doesn’t let anyone get away with anything.

So, I guess I am the only special guest that gets free food.
Glenn, she also slips me free fries with my burgers too, for peat sake.

Anyway, the other day she said that she appreciated me taking the time out to talk to her and to ask her how she is doing, as no one else does.  However, this is my natural behaviour, the way I am with people in general.

Glenn, I know it’s a small experiment, but that’s all I’ve got for you right now.  Hope you like it.  Please let me know if this qualifies me now or not.