Coed Uses Barter To Get Her BOSS FIRED.

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Bartering While Thinking outside the box can have amazing consequences.
Got a call from a College Coed
working part time for a Baby Bell Phone company.
Her job was to call and arrange right-of-ways
so the company can dig up and bury phone lines
to new homes and businesses in Ohio.
Her new boss was Driving Her Crazy.  Acting Strangely
and didn’t know what she was doing.
Totally Incompetent.
Mary suspected she had Faked her Job application
but needed a way to PROVE IT.
Had heard from a friend that I did “Instant Handwriting
Personality Profile Mind Mapping” for clients – New Hires
and even prospective customers.
A – So we Taught Mary some basic Handwriting Analysis over the phone
Including the 30 HELL TRAITS to look for in Handwriting.
B – Mary “borrowed” some papers off of her Goofy Acting
New Bosses Desk and Analyzed the handwriting.
C – Then went to the Division heads office.
#1 – Told him, “My new Boss is acting Crazy.  So I went on-line.
“Found some information about “Handwriting Analysis” and
found these 15 HELL Traits in her writing.
“Here is My Bosses “Handwriting Personality Profile.”
#2 – Pathological liar –
Low Self Image –
Terrible Temper –
afraid of success –
Hyper Sensitive to criticism –
Stubborn as a mule –
Huge Mood Swings – Personality shifts –
Weird Sexual habits.
#3 – And showed a “Personality Profile Page” done from His Secretaries
 handwriting.  Where the Big Boss Recognized some of her Positive Qualities.
D – Mary said, “I don’t want to get anyone into trouble.  And This “Personality Profile IS NOT PROOF.  But it Seems to Indicate there is a Problem.
“And I have been doing MY Job And the New Bosses job – because she is making
 Big Mistakes we can get Sued over.  Can you check to see if Personnel Called
to Check out her Resume?”
A – Nobody HAD Checked the Resume.
B – When they DID Call to Double Check – Personnel discovered the Crazy
New Boss had Embezzled Hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And her employer
gave her a glowing Recommendation to get RID of her.  Rather than spend
zillions in court.
C – So She was Fired And – Mary the College Student – Got HER JOB!
P.S. – Oh yeah.  While we are talking about Barter.  Mary then bought
both of my “How to TEST People Before you Meet Them” -Instant Handwriting
 Sales and Business Programs.
And started referring me clients to boot.