Catering Co Grows 8X Using Food Barter

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Thanks Dien,
A Marketing Partner of mine told me How She
Bartered FREE FOOD Samples to Grow
a Catering Biz in Ohio – By 800% – before it was sold.
A realtor was called home when his Dad Died.
He wanted to sell his Fathers Catering Company.  But it was not doing well.
The Ad Judy Wrote for him
Used FOOD BARTER as a Bribe to Meet Prospects
and Get That First Appointment.
“Save Up to 50% off Your Catering
Bill IF You Visit Our Office And
Sample Free Food for Your Event.
Here’s WHY The Catering
Biz Grew 8 TIMES in 90 Days
Using Food BARTER.
Prospects who saw the ad
WANTED to know how they
could SAVE 50%.
THE REST of the ad went
on to Explain that DEPENDING
on how much you and your
family were willing to HELP
OUT with labor.
Setting up Chairs, Tables, Dishes,
TableCloths and other work…
You could Save a LOT of munny
on Your Catering Bill!
So Prospects who Would NEVER
Normally Hire a Catering Co
But they would not have come
without the FREE FOOD as
an Excuse for coming to the office.
This is Genius.
The Ad Created New Catering
Clients that Competitors
Did Not Want or Have a
Chance at Closing.
In Effect – A Totally New
Group of Catering Clients
was discovered.