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Barter Case Study

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Thanks, During my Jay Abraham Years when I was meeting 100’s of business owners and collecting the best munny making stories I chatted with several dozen Psychiatrists and Psychologists. And formulated THIS OPINION. All of them were Badly Stressed and Depressed from talking to SICK people all day. And I STOPPED Talking to them cuz it was DRAINING Energy right… Read more »

How to Barter to Get a “Yes”

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Thru a chain of 4 People we just got Referred to a Branded Water Agent or Sales person. We Bartered a Series of Quick Cash Short Reports to 10 people at a Mastermind Group. Jason is one of those 10. He came up to my Partner WEARING a Dark Blue Shirt. And told Jane – “I love your Reports and… Read more »

Fortune Cookie Barter

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Mentor #1 – Earl in Texas – told me how he closedbig Real Estate deals – teetering on the edge of falling apartby grabbing the hands of a buyer/Staring him in the eyes and saying, “Don’t You LOVE Me Anymore?”Mentor #2 – Mike Fry at FancyFortuneCookies.comTold me how he barters for Appointmentsusing a Giant Strawberry Flavor Fortune Cookie Dipped in Chocolate.So.When… Read more »

WingNut for Chicken Barter

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Thanks, I didn’t realize until recently but all my neighbors. I mean ALL of them. For a mile up and down our little country road seem to be watching me Cut my lawn with a Scythe.  (I get a lot of hand waves and horn honks) How do I know this? A – Because 2 farm workers walking down the… Read more »

Salon to Detailing to Carwashing to Insurance BARTER

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How I Am Bartering with Tony in Canada to Double His Insurance Sales – (And thus Persuade him to order more of my NLP Sales Systems) Step I – I emailed Tony – Ron’s post Step II – I called Tony to make sure he got it Step III – I Walked Tony thru a couple of Scenarios… IDEA ONE… Read more »

Lawn Mower Barter

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This will make you SMILE. Comes a knock on the Door 5pm Saturday. A neighbor tells me, “My riding mower is STUCK in the garage.” I said, “WHAT?” Bill LOOKS EMBARRASSED as he tells me his sad tale. I – His car battery died. II – The Battery Warehouse is closed on Sunday III – He backed his station wagon… Read more »

1000’s in Book Sales from 1 Free Chapter

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Thanks, We sell Munny Making Case Studies and Stories after interviewing self made millionaires around the globe. Our Sales Letters are ALSO Wacky, Goofy, Funny but TRUE Case Studies and Stories. IF you like the stories in the OFFER We write then You May Want MORE and BUY the REST of the book. WE Learn COPYWRITING from the Best of… Read more »

1000’s from Home w/Food Barter

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Thanks, Fully 50% of the food I buy is damaged or ripped open, Torn or spoiled.  I got fed up. And have figured a way to make these billion dollar companies PAY ME. Would YOU Make a Phone Call that Paid You Ten Bucks? I did – just now. My 1/2 gallon of Mott’s Apple Juice Turned to CIDER. The… Read more »

Free Lunch Barter Ad

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My friend Phil came up with this. His humor is kind of sly. You KNOW the saying – “There is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH.” So. This Ad began to pull dozens and dozens of phone calls from small business owners. Phil said they’d call him up and GROWL.  “HOW are you going to DO THAT?” Here’s his… Read more »

Neighborly Barter

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Thanks Gordon, When I go to get my mail the Neighbors Dog -across the street- often comes out to Bark at me. She loves to have her neck scratched. And that is how I met the neighbor who makes ME LOOK BAD because he sweeps leaves and Dirt off his Driveway with a rake and then a BROOM and DUSTPAN…. Read more »