Boston Whaler Boat Barter

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I grew up working on boats. Mostly sail boats, but I’ve worked on many different kinds of boats over the years.

One thing I used to do is, I used to paint boats for a living. Painted a LOT of boats. I have hands on skills.

After one paint job I did, the person ran out of money, so they couldn’t pay me the $3300 they still owed me for the last part of the project. I had completely reconstructed their boat after a hurricane in Florida, including doing a bunch of fiberglass, fairing, priming and painting. I was a little more than angry. If you’ve ever worked in the Florida sun for a month, you’d definitely understand why.

Luckily for me, they had a Boston Whaler with a 40 horse power outboard on it. It’s a nice 13 foot hard bottomed fiberglass launch that flew with a 40HP motor attached.

It ran okay, but needed a little tune up. Still, it was worth much more than they owed me, probably close to $4500 Smelled like a good trade deal for me. So, I knew they wouldn’t have the funds for awhile, and I wanted to be done so I could move on with life.

I asked them to accept my deal, which was, I take that nice launch off their hands, and I forget about the money they owe me, and the fact that I may have to hold onto the launch for awhile until it sold. I was willing to do that, and they accepted, as they knew it would be a hassle to come up with what they owed me.

Of course, I had to come up with a trailer, which I ended up getting after trading for an old compressor I had, which I paid $150 for. It was a HUGE trailer, home built from heavy steel beams. Rusty and unpainted, but I didn’t care. It was a good trade nonetheless. I only needed it long enough to get rid of the Boston Whaler anyway.

I polished it up and cleaned the motor up, gave it a tune up, and advertised it.

It took 3 weeks and a few tire kickers, but it eventually sold for $3900 without the trailer, which was more than the people owed me for the paint job. I was paid for my troubles ,even though I had to do a little cleanup and tune up the motor.

Afterwards, I sold that huge trailer also for a couple hundred bucks, more than I thought the compressor was worth to me.

Sometimes, it’s a little more work, but making the deal happen meant I still walked away with more than I would have in cash, and I didn’t have to fight with them to get my payment out of the deal. In the end, we both made out.