Blogger Loses 90 Pounds Bartering Licensed Content

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Sent in from Paul.

Here’s my barter story:
In March 2014 I found myself desperately needing to lose 100 pounds of weight in order avoid the heart bypass a friend of mine experienced.
I started looking for an exercise program that fit my style and personality… I didn’t really like the gym.
I found something perfect studied by a doctor in the 80’s…he even had his own line of training equipment that seemed ideal for me…
Except it was all off the market and being sold at outrageous markups in second hand venues like Ebay.
I bit the bullet and bought a start package of this exercise equipment but then as I started working out, I sort of “maxed out” on what the starter package could do for me.
Unfortunately what I decided I needed (or actually started “Craving”) cost a couple hundred bucks almost and was out of my price range.
By that time I’d started blogging about my findings about this doctor and several facets of his exercise research and thoughts that I found interesting personally and I figured others would find interesting. I used a reputable but completely free website to do that too.
I got the inspiration to contact the source of this new equipment I wanted, inquired about some product, and decided I had nothing to lose to show him my website.
He decided he liked it and licensed every article I’d written to repost on HIS website!
I am still enjoying that equipment as part of my workouts.
I’ve since gone on to actually write articles for cash for this same business and am discussing licensing some more articles for them!
Turning my interest in a unique exercise method has paid off… It’s been part of my 90 pounds (to date) weight loss and has become a “rewarding” hobby … barterwise and even cash wise from time to time… in addition to the “hobby” value of writing these articles!

The free blog is at