Big Blue Rubber Elephant BARTER Case Study

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Most people are walking around ASLEEP.
Plus they lack EMPATHY.
So – IF You are Awake – you can take advantage of
their ZONKED Condition.
For Example:
While in the Mail Box Etc – I Always Share ideas with
– Betsy the owner – about what other Retailers are doing.
THIS TIME Betsy said, “I’ve got 4 Rubber Kids Toys Left.  They’re YOURS for
20 bucks.”
I looked.
And bought them.
THEN I looked for an opportunity to USE them somewhere.
The Same Week I was at a ToastMasters Meeting.
One of the Women Announced, “I just Won a Mercedes Because of my
Scandinavian Skin Care Sales.”
Everyone said, “That’s nice.  Congrats.”
THEN THEY Ignored her!
I’ve worked with Mary K and Dozens of MLM – Direct S-ales Companies.
it’s a BIG DEAL to get a PINK CADILLAC.
This must be similar.
So I excused myself.
RAN Out to the car.
Pumped up my BLUE Rubber ELEPHANT.  (IT’s one of those kids toys that comes
with a hand pump And rubber handles that you grip while you sit on it and ride.  When you sit on it and jump up and down it Bounces.)
HOLD OUT Your Arms and Make a Hoop
or Circle.  THAT IS HOW BIG Around this Elephant was.
Step I – I took a Magic Marker and Wrote…
On 20 pieces of paper.  Paper Clipped a LOTTO ticket to the top.
And Took my pack of Paper Roses out of the Glove compartment.  And
Quickly made 20 Red Roses. (I Am A good boy scout – PREPARED.)
And as soon as one of the ZOMBIES finished their little
I Said, “We Are CELEBRATING Sophies BIG WIN – Double Diamond and a
I PLONKED the Blue Elephant in Sophies (Surprised) LAP.
And then put WHOOPPEE pieces of paper
with lotto tickets attached in front of everyone
at the Big Conference Table.  (We met in an Insurance office)
And then Handed Everyone a RED Rose.
Except Sophie who got a YELLOW ROSE.
I then took up the REST of our TIME by Educating the REST of the group
about what a BIG DEAL it was to WIN A CAR.
***That a F_R_E_E Car Represents Hundreds of thousands of Skin Care Product
***Hundreds of Distributors.
***Meetings and Conference Calls and managing disasters at 1 am in the morning.
Sophie Just sat there SMILING
But Afterwards she Marched me out to her new BLACK MERCEDES SUV
and Gave me a 198.00 Men’s Travel Kit of Skin Care Products.
In a Leather zip up Case.
P.S. – So a 5.00 Rubber Elephant, 10.00 of Roses, 20.00 of 1.00 LOTTO Tickets
Got me 198.00 of SKIN CARE PRODUCTS.
P.S. – I went to a couple of Sophies meetings later.  AND she asked me to do
some marketing for her.  AND a girlfriend who owned a Landscaping company.
also Bartered me in the door
to Two New Clients.
AND The DARN STUFF works – there were women at the meetings
who had PERFECT Skin.  Shockingly beautiful.
(They had pics of BEFORE which
showed acne and other blemishes.  ALL gone.)
P.P.S. – Me?
I thought the stuff was HORRIBLE.  Burned my eyes when I tried it
anywhere on my face