Barter w/Your Neighbors

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Dear Friend,
Do You Have Neighbors?
Unless you own your own Island – You Do.
What do you do to BARTER for their Good Will?
In his book, “Influence” – Robert Cialdini says that in Every culture on planet earth – the Golden Rule of Reciprocity
is Alive and well.
My parents always gave away Extra Garden Veggies to the neighbors.
And I do too.
I – Why is this Important?
II – And How can this Habit HELP you?
III – And When Does This Become Barter?
***I – Building Up GOOD WILL or as I call it – “A Positive Bank Account”
with your neighbors is IMPORTANT because if they don’t like you – they can make your life HELL.
A friend just discovered this.  Cost him 1000’s in small claims
court because of an argument with a Neighbor.
***II – This Habit of Bartering GOOD WILL with the Neighbors can help you in all sorts of ways.
a – Neighbors watch for burglars
b – MY Neighbors actually mow some of MY Lawn in addition to their own
c – A neighbor offered to help me carry some furniture into my house.  (One of those who get F-r-e-e Vegetables)
***III – When does Bartering for GOOD WILL become Something You Can BANK?
An Example:
One of our neighbors has a pacemaker in his chest.
a – We pile Tomatoes and Sweet Corn and Squash on his steps
b – We cut the big weeds between his pine trees – close to us – but on His Property
c – Recently we split up some Maple Tree wood for him (He gave us 1/2 the firewood)
d – Yesterday when one of his Pine Trees Fell over on Us – (I asked his wife Permission.  Cut it up with the ax. Hauled it to his
fire pit.)
e – And when We Shoveled his Long, long Driveway when 2 foot of snow fell this past winter.
GUESS What I found on my porch the next day?
A 39.00 box of Fat Wood – Fire Starter Sticks.  (I know that is the value cuz I googled it!)
in our Neighbors Mind.
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