Barter Millionaire HeadHunter

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This is the Story Bob Told me while having lunch.
How He Created VALUE
and TRUST out of Nothing.
And took himself from nobody in his chosen city
to multi-millionaire in the Key Person Headhunting biz.
On the one Hand Bob Seems
to BARTER For His First Appointment
with the 3 MAJOR PLAYERS in his local Headhunting
Hi-Tech Niche Business.
On The OTHER Hand You Could Call what
Bob did with his Spreadsheet Connections
PLUS it’s easily Adaptable in ANY Industry.
STEP #1 – Bob moved into town and couldn’t CALL UP
any of the top 3 BIG PLAYERS who supplied the KEY
PEOPLE to the Tech Industry.  (He tried.)
STEP #2 – So Bob Created a Spreadsheet of these 3 guys
and all of the people they know and work with that He Can Find.
STEP #3 – Then Bob Made a List of everyone HE KNOWS
in the industry.  Called Them up and ASKED, “Do you know
or do you Know someone ELSE who knows any of these 3
STEP #4 – Bob made a Last Column on his Spreadsheet
of all of HIS CONTACTS who know or can Email or call
the BIG THREE directly.
STEP #5 – Bob Started BARTERING with this last short list
of Folks.  Helping them.  Sending them books and Links
and Referrals.
ANYTHING he could do to create a POSITIVE
BANK Account with them.
STEP #6 – After 30 days of Intense Work – Bob LAUNCHED His Plan.
He contacted all of the Folks
he’d done FAVORS for and ASKED them to Call and write the
BIG THREE and say something complimentary about Bob.
a – He supplied them with phone scripts
b – He wrote a bunch of possible emails
c – He created 5 or 6 Reasons why each person might
Write a Thank you letter to the BIG THREE and
name drop Bob’s name.
Bob literally walked with these people to The MAIL BOX
and put the letter inside.
ONE WEEK AFTER Bob asked his Contact List
to Endorse him to the 3 INNER CIRCLE HEAD HUNTER GUYS
Bob’s Phone Calls got thru.
Bob Had lunch with each of the 3 guys.
And Showed them What Bob had done before
in another city.  And his ideas to help THEM.
His Key Person Head Hunting Biz Took Off!