Barter Case Study

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During my Jay Abraham Years when I was meeting 100’s of business
owners and collecting the best munny making stories I chatted with
several dozen Psychiatrists and Psychologists.
And formulated THIS OPINION.
All of them were Badly Stressed and Depressed
from talking to SICK people all day.
And I STOPPED Talking to them
cuz it was DRAINING Energy right out of me.
I asked her how she did it?
Stayed Positive and Healthy and Whole.  And Molly said, Did you mean it
when you said you can help almost anybody get a job or get promoted?”
I said, “Sure.  It’s a hobby of mine.  As long as the person is not brain dead
and is willing to do more than they’re paid for.  Go the extra mile.  AND DOES NOT QUIT when I give them homework.”
Molly said, “I’ll share my secret – for which I paid 7Grand IF you get 3 of
my patients jobs – so they can afford to pay me.”
Long Story Short – Here is how I got ONE Gal a new job in 48 hrs.  THE
REST of the Story – How I got the other 2 hired is at the LINK Below.
A – We chatted.
B – She said, “I got fired as my Boss’ Executive Secretary cuz his wife got
bored at home and took my job.”
C – “I told her, “OHO! – I bet your old boss FEELS GUILTY and if we call him
he will HELP You get a new job.”
We called Forthwith and Son-of-a-Gun
the man kept apologizing.
And Promised to contact 3 of his CEO friends and HIGHLY ENDORSE Her.
And Quick as a wink – she had her job back.
WHAT DID I Barter for?
A Guaranteed Way to Knock out Stress and
Emotional Pain in 60 Seconds or less.
There are ANTI-STRESS SEMINARS all over the world that C-ost
THOUSANDS and we can show you how to STOP STRESS and Stress Related
Pain in 60 seconds.
Molly paid 7K for this Secret method.
We Bartered 3 Jobs for it.
Simplified and Tested and Wrote a S-ales letter.
Slapped a 2 Year 100% Munny Back Guarantee on it
And it’s now one of my BEST SELLERS.
Here’s the link
You have to Pass my Golden Rule Test First… (Web Link Deleted)
Which Proves to me you Take Action.
IF You Do NOTHING – of course it won’t Work.
(Web Link Deleted)