Barbecued Ribs Barter

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So while we are working with Michael to set up an SIC
Code mailing to sell Barbecued Rib Lunches.
He Sends us this Huge Cardboard Box
with a Big Pink Pig On the side.
To Grow His Barbecue Ribs
Business Michael thinks outside
the box.
He is setting up Joint Venture Deals
To Provide Barbecue Rib Meals
with Priests, Rabbi’s, Ministers.
Vacation Bible Schools.
Summer Camps.  4-H clubs,
Boy and Girl Scout Leaders.
Any business owner with a Big Group
of Regularly Congregating people
is his target.
Step I – Michael Finds each business owner
and calls them on the phone.
Step II – IF he can’t Get Thru to the owner
but the Receptionist and Secretary say
their boss has done similar Projects before.
STEP III – Michael sends the Entire office
a Big Box Full of Barbecue Ribs and a sample
STEP IV – Then Calls while they are eating.
BARTER – Rib Lunch FOR An Appointment.
Time to Talk to the Business Owner.
Michael says he has a 90% Close Rate
when he sends The PINK PIG BOX.
That Pig has a WEIRD Smile on it’s
face too.  I Do Remember that.