Another WEIRD Craigslist Testimonial!

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Another WEIRD Craigslist Testimonial!

Years ago, I had neighbors that sold their house due to divorce.
They had REALLY NICE furniture inside.

Both of them had a lot of junk inside, too, but had to vacate the
house because the house was sold.

I told them I would get rid of the contents in the house, including
the HUGE MESS that was left inside if they would let Me keep the
furniture that I wanted.

It was a done deal!

Problem was, they had a HUGE MESS inside of knick-knacks and stuff I couldn’t use.
It would have taken Me a long time to clean up.

Then, a light bulb went off above My head.

I took the furniture to My house that I wanted, then posted an ad on Craigslist:
“CURB ALERT!  House Sold, Need To Get Rid of ALL Contents Inside!”
I took some pics of the inside and all that was for FREE.

People came in Droves!

That house was cleared of at least 75% of its stuff in less than 3 hours!

The remaining mess was manageable enough to put out for the next garbage collection.

Didn’t have to pay a dime to clean out the house.
I was given the very nice furniture (wasn’t cheap stuff, either!)
They got a clean house.

EVERYONE was happy!

That’s a little twist to the Bartering.

Just goes to show, if you’re creative enough, barter can be your best friend!