A BMW Motorcycle for 2 “Fixer Upper” Porsches

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Sent in from Justin

Hi, Here’s my story!

I had a nice motorcycle last year that had cost me a pretty fortune. It was a nice 2006 BMW, with fairly low miles and a lot of chrome. Beautiful and tricked out. Drove it all over, including to Daytona Bike Week a few times. It even had a really nice trailer, for taking my gear on extended trips.

But, due to my bad knee, which had gotten worse over the last 2 years, I only got to ride the bike a few times a year lately. I hate to admit, I’m getting older. It was time to find it a better home.

Decided to list it for sale on Craigslist for 15k OBO. I got a few low ball offers. But it was in great condition, and I was not desperate to sell it. I’d wait for the right buyer.

Then someone called to offer me a trade. I hadn’t considered a trade, but his offer interested me. He was offering 2 Porsche 928’s. One that ran okay, and one for parts, which also started up and ran. He was a car collector, and had over 50 cars. Many of them needing work, but very rare and valuable.

The Porsches were in rough condition, but I figured they would be worth more than the Beamer, if I got a little work done on them and sold them separately.

On he way to get them, I had an adventure, getting broken down at a gas station half way there. Brakes went out, but I’m lucky I had a friend close by to assist me.

Got everything fixed though, and we made the trade at 10pm at night.

I ended up having to rent a trailer to get the 2nd one home. It started but I didn’t want to run it on the highway to get home. It needed more work that the first one, I discovered, but that’s a story for another day.

They’ll be fine with the new owner.

Reprint this if you want, with permission.