$241 Generator w/Barter

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After moving back to the farm a couple Winters ago
I was REMINDED by constant power outages that…

Being surrounded by Neighbors who grew up in
the city is BAD.

3 of my neighbors have planted all sorts of trees Under
the power lines.

Brittle Branches
– ice –
High winds…

ZERO ELECTRICITY for 1 to 5 days.

Plan A – is to Order a Big Generator. Pour a concrete pad. Pay to install
a New Electrical Panel – to Transfer power. 25 Grand or more.

While Checking into PLAN A – I discovered there was a Much Cheaper
Plan B.

(EDITORS NOTE – Did You know the Refueling Aircraft the AirForce Use
-RIGHT NOW in 2015 – to keep planes in the air for 24 hours or more

AND A crewman has to crawl into the tail and Watch
thru a tiny window –In constant contact with the pilot– to line up the Fuel hose with the gas tank of each plane they refuel in mid-air.)

This is similar to MY PLAN B –

We have a Massive FirePlace Insert – so heating the house and cooking is
taken care of. Very cool cooking pizza on the thing. I burnt a few tho.

Battery Powered Flashlights and Lanterns – So We’re Ok for light.

The Back-Up Battery on my Wi-fi Internet – will last a few hours
then I’m off the grid.

ENTERTAINMENT – I decided it would be NICE to be able to Recharge my
Kindle book reader – with 3 feet of snow outside and no power.

Found a bunch of Emergency Equipment on-line.

Started emailing and asking questions.

Hunted down the Former IBM Tech Guy
Owner of one Company – And asked about buying his foot powered

I – How long does it take to power up a kindle?

II – How long to re-charge a cell phone?

III – Which Rechargeable lanterns and flash-lights does he recommend?

IV – What battery is Best to buy and keep charged in case
of emergencies?

DIDN’t Know
ANY of the Answers to my questions.

His S-ales offers say, “Crank the Emergency camping hand Generator Until
You get enough power to make an Emergency call.”



By Phone – We Made a Deal –

I’d help him measure and track
The effectiveness of his Gizmo’s. So He could improve his marketing.

And when I knew what Back-Up
Battery and Rechargeable lights
to order with his Emergency Pedal Generator…


So he shipped me one and I put it together.

And we began to Swap info back
and forth.

He only lasted 5 weeks.

Then he stopped Answering my questions.
And quit suggesting specific lights
and lanterns to test.

HE QUIT ON ME – Leaving me the proud
owner of a 241.00 Emergency Hand or
foot power Generator.

Isn’t that a Hoot?

I’m still Experimenting on my own
And HAVE figured out how to Re-charge
my Kindle – with foot power.