200Grand in 2hrs Barter WindFall

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We proposed this to Our Independent Pharmacy owner client:
G – “You Would like to Visit
the Headquarters of your
Drug Supplier and
Meet the people you are sending
1 million a month to.
“Give me Permission to Call them and I’ll Guarantee
You get an Appointment with the CEO.
Allen – “It’ll never work.
G – What’s the down-side?  They say, “No.  Whoopee.”
Allen – “Ok.
So I called the # Allen Gave me and talked to the Drug Supplier
sales manager Jack.
We said, “My consulting client has a check for 1.1 million dollars he’d
like to bring Himself to Company headquarters.  Maybe He Can Meet
The CEO and you.  Go to lunch.   And look around at your operation.
“Is that OK with you?
Dick – “Let me check and I’ll call you back.”
TWO HOURS LATER I get a call from Allen.
Allen is Laughing – “What did you SAY to Jack?  He just lent me 200,000.00
for a year with zero interest.”
And Allen sent me 5000.00 for my consulting miracle.
WHY the 200Grand Loan?
Allen got a HINT from Jack that other Ind Pharmacy Owners had called up
wanting to DROP them as their Drug Distributor/Supplier.
So Jack Panicked.
And gave Allen 200Grand – as a no interest loan to pay for ads and stuff.