152 K Postcard Barter

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Thanks Gordon,
Funny things happen when you BARTER
by applying the GOLDEN RULE in a Business Situation.
We met Jane Castle at a 25K Event. (Name Changed)
She was WHINGING about not knowing how to apply all the Marketing ideas whizzing around the room.
So I said, “Let me write a postcard as a Test to 200 of your 3100
past Condominium Rental Clients.  We’ll ASK them to P-AY Now
And you Put the munny into Escrow until they take their vacation.”
Jane said, “How much?”
I said, “No charge.  You can Hire me after you See the Results.”
We asked Jane some questions.
Discovered that Jane was Cheaper than her Condo Rental
BECAUSE she Used ONE CENTRAL Facility to run her
Janitorial And Maid Service from.  While Competitors
rented an apartment in each EXPENSIVE Hi-Rise Condo Building.
#1 – We Wrote a Hot Headline
#2 – Explained THE REASON WHY Janes Condos were cheaper.
#3 – PROVED it.  Listed Ph #’s of 2 Big Competitors
renting condos in the SAME Buildings as Jane but for 100’s MORE.
#4 – Said, “WE DARE You To Call Our Competition and
RESULT #1 when Jane mailed my double sided post card.
152,000.00 in PRE-PAYMENTS came in.
RESULT #2 – Janes Hubby called me when HIS Postcard BOMBED
and asked for my help.  (He had the WRONG phone # on it.)
And while chatting Hubby Mentioned that Jane
had Mailed MY Postcard to 3200 of her past Condo Rental
AND He Reported that HIS WIFE was Happily Dancing around the office Answering Phones and Taking Munny.
If Jane made 152K mailing to 200 affluent folks.
Then it stands to reason she made about 1.5 million with my postcard
to 2000 past Condo Rental Clients.
3000 Means Jane TOOK Advance Payments of over 2 million
from one postcard mailing.
I called her office to Congratulate her.
The Secretary said, “Jane isn’t here.”
For THREE DAYS I called.
Then we called Hubby’s Cell and HE Said, “I’m not allowed to talk to you.”
And hung up!
I wrote up my 2 million postcard story and put it into the Front
of a Copywriting Course Called, “Heroin On Paper – NLP-In-Print-Copywriting”
Sold it for 500.00
And sold dozens and dozens and dozens of copies.
Let’s VERY conservatively say I sold 20 copies at 500.00 each.
That is 10Grand.
Remember this was Very early in my Consulting Career
and my 2nd client.
1st client I charged 4200.00 and they made 6 MILLION Dollars.
2nd Client – we Got STIFFED and were paid Nothing.
To Paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson – “No Employer Can steal from his employee
because by doing the Job – the employee GETS THE POWER.”
In this case – That Employee is ME.
And I’ve been Making Big Munny with PostCards
and Continuity – drip marketing ideas – EVER SINCE.
Funny Story I think.
IMPOSSIBLE, Really, for others to Steal from you when you
practice Go-the-Extra-Mile — Golden Rule BARTER.
P.S. – Curious about How to Use Your Own BARTER POWER?
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