1000’s from Home w/Food Barter

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Fully 50% of the food I buy is damaged or ripped open,
Torn or spoiled.  I got fed up.
And have figured a way to make
these billion dollar companies PAY ME.
Would YOU Make a Phone Call that Paid
You Ten Bucks?
I did – just now.
My 1/2 gallon of Mott’s Apple Juice Turned to CIDER.
The Lady got VERY EXCITED.
“Oh, we’ve got to get your bottle to Quality control.  In 15 days expect
a SASE Box to arrive.  Please ship the 1/2 gallon bottle Back to us.”
I Am Bartering INFORMATION about defective Food Products
that the company REALLY REALLY Wants.
In Return they Send me Munny Vouchers or Checks
worth 5 bucks or 10 or 15.00 – sometimes more.
Pizza wrappers torn – Pizza is stale.
Cans Dented.  Labels 1/2 missing.
Pop tops not opening.
Food that melted – got smushed all in a pile inside the box
and Refrozen.
Onions that were half rotten.
On The Side of Every food item is a website.
A – You can fill out the Complaint form
B – Quicker – is to call the Consumer Satisfaction 800#
Which is what I just did to get 10.00 of Free Apple Juice.