1 Page Tango Dancer Business Barter System

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Blake tells me he travels a lot from state to state
and wherever he goes there is a Tango Club or Association.
And since people tend to spend a Lot of time,
pay for Pricey TANGO DANCE lessons And Have Entire Wardrobes of
Tango Specific Clothing.
Tango Dancers are like Golfers in One
Important way.
They tend to be Affluent!
Blake walks over to a woman who has given a head nod
or an eye signal she wants to dance.
(I’m getting educated.  There is an Entire
Science to this Tango Dancing Culture.)
They begin to dance.  After he Gets Her Sweaty and Heated up.
Blake Shows her his BARTER PAGE.  A Printed Version of his website
just below…
We’ve been DOUBLING INCOMES for Clients
this way.  And call it a PRE-HEAT or GREED PAGE.
Then he asks, “Who do you know who owns a Tech Company or a business with
Website or software Nightmares that I might help?
P.S. – I have Blakes Written Permission to Share his Biz BARTER PAGE.
And he said I could use his REAL name.  But I am playing it safe.
I change Every name.