How I Bartered For a $15,000 Seminar Seat

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How I Bartered For a 15,000 Seminar Seat

I called and asked for the #1 Seminar S-ales guy.
Asked, “Do you have any prospects who Want to Come to the event and would really Benefit from
coming to the Marketing Seminar – but can’t pay?
He said, “Yes.”
I said, “Send them to me.  I’ll help them Make the munny
to pay for a seat.  I’ll get their Check for 15K.  Send it to you.”
You get the credit.  You get the S-ale.
All I want is a seat at the back of the room.
First Referral he sent me was Jane.
Jane badly wanted to attend.  Had a piece of river front
property she couldn’t sell.
I wrote a Newspaper & CraigsList ad
that sold the land in a week.
“Must S-ell River-Front Property
to Pay for $15,000 Seminar.  Call
Jane at _________.