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Dear Friend,

As You know, Most People who do barter keep what they do Top Secret.

For “various” – “personal” reasons.


All of the Barter Stories You’ll read here are Anonymous. No real Names.

Except for…

Those of you who Give Us Permission to Share your Real Name and maybe a Website link.

(You Send us a Real Barter Story – We’re Happy to send prospective customers back to you.)

Which means:

  • I – You fill out the form with your name, address, phone number and email so we can call you to get missing details on your barter story
  • II – You Swap emails with us – when we Ask “What anonymous name do you want us to use Under Your Barter Story?”
  • III – If You want to use your Real Name and have us put a link to Your Website, under Your Barter Story Contribution, that’s great too.

But, as all of us in the world of Barter know, these will be the rare exceptions


Another – Necessary – Exception to the Anonymous Rule.

You’ll Find The Two of us – who are Gathering all of these Barter Stories in one place. With details, locations and MUNNY Amounts.

Are putting our ACTUAL – REAL NAMES under some of the Barter Case Studies we share here. Not all. But As Life Long Barter Users – some of what you Read here will Be Attributed to Patrick or Glenn.

Last Point –

In order to avoid the Bots and Spam and MLMers, we’re not going to allow comments at this site.

You CAN send Us A Barter Story, however.

Just the GOOD STUFF. Barter Stories with Teeth.

We’re using an Auto-responder Form where you can send us your Barter Story Information.


Thank you,

Patrick and Glenn


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Including some NEW Blood Curdling Barter Case Studies – we have not included on the Public Website.

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